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Is Life Is Precious™

Right For My Daughter?

Life is Precious™ is a suicide prevention program, developed by Comunilife, for Latina teens (ages 12 to 17) and their families. Program activities, which are located in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Washington Heights as well as Poughkeepsie and Yonkers, take place Monday - Friday 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm. LIP’s guiding philosophy is to provide vulnerable teens with the activities that deal directly with known risk factors.
Empowering & Safe

While at Life is Precious™, the teens are emboldened by the support they get and give to their peers. LIP offers a safe, judgement free environment where Latina teens build a foundation for success and happiness.


To be eligible, teens must living with depression, suicide ideation or another mental health issue; be 12 to 18 years old; enrolled in school; be under the care of a mental health professional or willing to see someone; and have parents/guardians permission. All services provided at LIP are free of charge to the teens and their families.

What can I expect when we start the enrollment process?

A Warm Welcome!
A Request For a Family Meeting
This takes place with an assigned case manager and takes place within 48 to 72 hours or sooner at your request.  The purpose of the meeting is to get to know your family and how Life Is Precious™ can help you, your daughter and the entire family. During this meeting and with the family's help we begin to complete documentation regarding the family history, strengths and challenges. Collaborative goals and objectives, including the expectation of program attendance, are established; as well how we communicate with you and your daughter, telephone, email, text, etc.
Visit a LIP Center & Meet the Staff
You and your family are invited to visit the program to become acquainted with staff and the activities offered:  academic tutoring, creative arts therapies, music, wellness and family services. You and your daughter determine a start date, if admitted into the program. 
Services for Teens

Life is Precious™ activities include academic support, creative arts therapies (music, dance, poetry and drama), wellness activities and family support.

Services for Parents & Families

We provide case management services, one-on-one peer support with other participant families, family counseling to improve communication, music lessons for parents or guardians and siblings to maximize the benefits of Life is Precious™. Parental participation in Life is Precious™ is strongly encouraged to maximize the benefits of the program, but not required. Additionally, program staff is available to speak with you every day the program is in operation. Open office hours are weekdays 11 am to 3 pm.

Positive Outcomes

Participation in Life is Precious™ results in positive outcomes for Latina teens and their families. Working with researchers from Columbia University/New York State Psychiatric Institute, we know that for every month a teen attends LIP her level of depression and suicide ideation decreases. They report being happier, having better relationships with their families, and having more success at school.
Prior to joining LIP almost 50% of the girls had to repeat a grade or were on the verge of dropping out of school. With the help of LIP, all of the teens remain in and graduate from high school. A large percentage of program alumna are in college and graduate school. Most importantly, since the program opened in 2008, not one of the Latina teens who participated in LIP has completed suicide.
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